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Originally Posted by KeyserSoze View Post
If you’re watching DVDs (well actually anything really), remember not to overdo the Sharpness setting. It can make things look artificial and bring out the worst in transfers like bad compression artefacts.

I’m guessing your Sony DVR is giving a softer image which may be easier on the eyes. Maybe try turning sharpness to 0 on both your TV and BD player
I usually don't fiddle with the sharpness setting (and didn't this time) because, as you say, increasing sharpness sometimes made things look artificial.

On the 4KTV, Sky Q, Netflix and Amazon Prime look excellent. As do BDs and 4KBDs when played on the 4KBD player. But playing a DVD on the 4KBD player, the PQ was just OK at best; but when I played the same DVD on the DVR hooked up to the same system, the PQ improved significantly.
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