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Just seen episode 2, well I don't know what it is I'm watching, but one thing I do know is that this isn't The Witcher. I think this show needs to be filed next to Preacher in the "all they wanted was the character names and **** all else of the source material" category of completely botched TV adaptations. Such a shame.

Saying that, this episode was better because the magic council faffery gives the writers more leeway to do some more creative world building - Not a single bit of it seems to be inspired by anything Sapkowski has written, but at least they're not wallowing in clichés.

I can see why people have been completely confused by the non-linear timelines, seeing as Geralt's story in episode one dropped a hint that it took part when Calanthe was young and in this episode Jaskier appears so this must be around 30yrs later. That's quite the jump! Geralt's plotline again was completely gutted and Ciri's plotline is just dull. The problem with having this three-way narrative is that they've got to find **** for Ciri to do to fill all this extra time she now has in the story, and they clearly have nothing to say with too much time to say it in. Geralt's plotline again has just been gutted BIG time this time though, they've removed about 80% of it in fact, which makes me wonder why they bothered in the first place!
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