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Reverend Scapegoat
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Help identify short horror stories please!

I'm looking to reread some of the kids' books I enjoyed in my own younger days ( Likely published in the 70s or 80s )- Some I know the titles, but simply can't find, and some I can only remember parts of the plot... So if anyone can help me out, please?

Titles I remember :

There's Nothing To Be Afraid Of : The title story was about two kids walking through a park, one trying to scare the other with claims of acid dripping from trees etc.

Nasty : The title story was about giant fleas on the london underground.

We're Coming For You, Jonathan : The title story was about a boy who was killed by the plants in his garden.

Some of the following stories might have been IN these anthologies, I'm not sure.

One about a little girl who found a pencil in her new house, got a splinter from it, and was possessed by the kid who originally owned it.

One about a boy who woke up, and found he was seeing through the eyes and controlling the body of someone else, but still physically in his own room - He couldn't move past a certain point, because there was a wall there in his "other" reality.

A sci-fi story about scientists who create a ship that shrinks to sub-atomic size, but find out that in doing so they rip a hole in reality.

I'm sure more will come to mind!
Suspect Armada anthologies might be a good start, so if anyone knows where I could snag them cheap, please let me know!

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If it's the Armada Ghost Book series, there are some on Ebay for circa Ł3 delivered.
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Used to love those books, can't recall any of those stories tho.
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