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[News] One From the Heart (R2) in November

Comments attached to the News 'One From the Heart (R2) in November' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Studio Canal have announced the UK Region 2 DVD release of One from the Heart on 7th November 2011. After completing Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola initially planned for his next picture to be an intimate romantic musical shot on a low budget in Las Vegas. Three years later, One ...

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I'm sure I read recently that a Coppola box set has been released that contains a Blu Ray of 'One from the Heart'. I'll have a google later



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Original R2 disc release was the same as the R1 with all the extras, the re-release was single disc with no extras (apparently).

Would like to see this on blu ray... would look great for sure... although strictly he should have the original version as an option - he has made changes to it... but the outsiders only has the new version on blu ray - which I don't like at all.. with Apocalypse Now you have both versions - so Coppola is very hit and miss with what you will get..
its that fine line between stupid and clever..

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