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What THX certified speakers to buy?

I'm after a set of 5.1 speakers for my PC, but also to be used to plug in my xbox and dvd player etc. I also want them to be THX certified. Can anyone say which might possibly be better out of a few I've found?

I've been recommended the Creative Megaworks 550 (scroll to bottom of page) which seem good, but I'm not too sure whether a wired remote is a good idea or not.

There's also the Logitech Z-5500 and also the Logitech Z-680 further down the page. Although they are more expensive

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I have the Z-5300, and they are awsome, so I would imagine the Z-5500 are even better.

Check amazon.co.uk, they are a bit cheaper there.
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why do they need to be THX certified?
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Originally Posted by Bubble
why do they need to be THX certified?
Because THX is awesome!

I have the Logitech Z-2200 the 2.1 version of the Z-680. They are brilliant. Go for the Z-5500 if you can afford it.
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THX is not a format. It's a standard that defines how all the audio components should sound and fit together.

Just buying THX speakers does not give you "THX". You really need a THX engineer to come round to analyse your room set up and configure it properly

THX PC speakers are just a con anyway. They may sound good for games, but the THX label is nothing more than a gimmick. You need decent home cinema speakers and suitable amp to even approach the standards of THX and still you need them calibrated properly and the room acoustics set up right to even begin approaching what Lucas expects out of THX.

Just look for the best 5.1 speakers for the purpose. Forget about the THX label. If you really want THX quality you are looking at spending tens of thousands on home cinema separates and the room acoustics.
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