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Question Classic Fairy Tales

I have come across a Russian site (www.ruscico.com) listing many Soviet films being restored to DVD. These include some of the Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm fairy tales (e.g. The Snow Queen) that were very popular on BBC during the late 1960s and 1970s.
The problem is , is that they don't seem to say how to buy these titles. Has anyone else bought any of them and if so from where?
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There have been a few threads about this company. (if the search facility here is working you could look up "Ruscico").

www.musicbox.fr do some (french covers, but everything the same on the disk with full english options), as do www.fnac.com

www.amazon.com have started selling some too - look at their arthouse/international/by country/ russia section.

Ruscico have been promising a way to buy the disks individually for a while but that hasn't materialised yet.

I've seen a couple of the fairy tale disks and they are great fun, though quite different from british or american movies - with very much a russian feel to them.

Some of the other 'grown-up' movies are also excellent, with strange and fascinating extras. Michael Brook has reviewed some of the films, and I think is about to do a couple more.
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...take a look here:


...it's all in Spanish (I order DVDs of Spanish movies from this e-tailer) but - with the exception of Brother, which is the first (and so far only) made-in-Russia DVD in my 'collection' - the discs are the exact same RUSCICO releases as the ones available in France, with optional English dubs and English subs...

(especially recommended: Elem Klimov's opulent Agony (not a fairytale!) and the fun Aladdin)

. . . :o . . .
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