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Arthur Fowler
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Originally Posted by AdamBrunt View Post
Obviously depends in how many bonds you but even with the maximum amount, cjanderson's £125 in 2 months and gregb's £150 in 1 month seem quite lucky to me according to MSE
"You are lucky - only 25.6% of people ...."
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4 months of £75, and now £25 this month. But also tie this in with my kids who've won nowt and probably have £5k between them. I've got £40k

Mother in law won a £500 I think, or some suitably decent prize.

Also remember it is tax free. So if you've got more than £1000 of interest, or less if you earn more, they're not a bad investment.

They're not gonna make you rich, but I can't really think of anything much better.

OK some Sharia account or something might net you an extra £12.40 over the next year, but it's a little boring and you aren't gonna win big.

It's also the government isn't it, the money is 100% safe. Not safe in that you're covered up to so much when your bank goes bust, just safe. Nobody has ever had to file a claim to get their money back when a bank goes bust, I can't imagine you get a cheque the next day (or the government even knows how to do it).
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