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Question Richrd Curtis Films Likable or Bland and Forgettable?


I've seen 4 Weddings and Funeral, Notting Hill and Love Actually. I find them all a bit tame, a bit too tame. Their a bit empty. Didn't laugh at anything. Though I did quite enjoy his more recent effort About Time (though issues with the plot) It was well acted and feeling between the two lead roles feels more organic.

I remember watching the first Bean film and quite enjoying it as a kid (I really like the Boy Zone song for it)

I quite like Warhorse to, I thought it looked great to.

Thinking of you

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I'm not a fan of Love Actually or Notting Hill. Four Weddings was good, though
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I think the two things go together, yes I sort of like them but they are a little bland and forgettable.
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I know a few people who hate Curtis's stuff by default because of how posh and twee it all is but I don't really see the issue. There's plenty of space for films about the upper middle classes in London and it's quite a nice contrast to all the salt of the earth, grim oop north films we get. Personally I really like About Time and Notting Hill and Four Weddings is decent enough overall.

I'm not a huge fan of Love Actually as a whole. Some of the different threads are good such as the Prime Minister and Liam Neeson's bit and it's rammed with likeable actors. However, some bits are dreadful and I find it hard to get past them. The Andrew Lincoln and Keira Knightley section is absolutely horrible. I just can't see how Curtis can even start to convince anyone to have sympathy for Andrew Lincoln's character. Not only is he incredibly creepy by filming his best friend's wife constantly on her wedding day, he betrays his best friend even further by selfishly professing his love for her with hand written cue cards whilst his best mate sits a few feet away totally unaware. Worse still Curtis has her actually run after him for sympathetic cuddle rather than chase him off with a baseball bat.

I've not seen The Boat that Rocked because the reviews for it were overwhelmingly bad.
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cliff homewood
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I enjoyed Boat the Rocks although nothing special, was an ok movie, also liked About a boy, not a bad heart-tug, but didn't like Love Actually, thought the end was ludicrous. Found Four Weddings hilarious when it came out, but haven't seen it since. Also love Bean and Blackadder II (*tv)
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The Boat That Rocks is a woeful excuse for a movie. It's a record collection looking for a film. I believe the original cut was over four hours long, so maybe that version was watchable, but the released version was basically a plotless two hours of people doing horrible things to each other (including attempted rape IIRC) with zero consequences.

The height of its humour is one of the characters is called Tw*tt. Comedy genius.

As for his other stuff, film-wise, I loved The Tall Guy, Four Weddings, Notting Hill & Love Actually. About Time was horribly miscast & broke its own time travel rules which spoiled it for me.

TV-wise, it's hard to beat Blackadder & I enjoyed The Girl in the Cafe, but I think that was probably more for Bill Nighy & Kelly MacDonald than anything else.
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Four Weddings is alright; along with A Monster Calls it is the only film that has caused some dust to get in my eye every time I watch one particular scene.
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