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Need help naming this film.

OK, so I remember seeing this movie a long time ago, so you'll have to forgive me if some of the details aren't going to be right. Also I want to try to avoid spoilers for anyone that reads this and hasn't yet seen the film, which they should.

But from what I do remember it's about a teenage waitress working at a fast-food restaurant. She gets a phone call from a police officer (never actually seen on screen).

He says that he has received a complaint that either someone at that fast-food restaurant stole her wallet or she lost it and wants this staff member to help.

During the course of the movie the police officer gets the female worker to do more and more strange things over the phone, under the pretence of it being a police investigation.

I know the movie is based on an actual thing that happened. I 100% remember watching a documentary about it, so I know that happened.

Anyone know the name of the movie please help me out. I really want to see it again, but can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

Like I said, some of the info is a little vague and I also want to avoid spoilers.

Thanks in advance.
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Yeah Compliance, based on a true story... nice.
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