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LOTR DVD's are being deleted?

I noticed at Wal-Mart that the tags say "DEL" on them. A worker told me that they are being deleted and might not come back out for awhile.

I sold my old ones so that I could by the versions with the extended cut and regular cut so now I am not sure to wait on the price to come down or buy them before they are deleted.

Does anyone know anything about this?
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I think the recent extended/theatrical release ones were out only for a limited time anyway.
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R1 or R2?
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The cynic in me thinks that they could well run a "buy it now before it's gone" campaign to shift the warehouses full of the current copies and then release a new boxset/HD versions in the run up to Christmas.
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Not wanting to sound too cold, but surley the vast majority of people who were going to get these, have them already. Ebay is littered with all different versions so there should ever be any trouble getting hold of a copy
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