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Recommend me some Hollywood classics (please)


Despite the fact that my knowledge (and viewing) of Hollywood films from the 1970s onwards is pretty good, I've never managed to get into films before that period. I haven't seen classics such as Gone With the Wind and Dr Zhivago, and it wasn't until recently that I watched (and enjoyed) Casablanca and Citizen Kane.

My request to all you experts is: what classics, available on dvd, should I be looking to purchase next? I'm thinking of getting some of the Warner Bros 2disc sets, and some of their R1 box sets, but what else would you suggest? Ideally, I'd like a mix of eveything; comedies, musicals, drama and action.

Assume I've seen nothing (which isn't far from the truth) and pick your favourites - I'm working on the assumption that it will be better to start with the very best of "old" Hollywood and work my way down...if that makes sense!

Any suggestions much appreciated as, thanks to reading through this forum frequently, I can spot there are quite a few knowledgable souls on here!

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A Matter of Life and Death, Ben Hur, Cat People, I Know Where I'm Going, Johnny Guitar, Key Largo, Les Diaboliques, Meet Me in St. Louis, Notorious, ON DANGEROUS GROUND, Out of The Past, Pandoras Box, Rififi, Scarlet Street, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Sunrise, The Big Sleep, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir, The Innocents, The Night of the Hunter, Trouble in Paradise, Vertigo, Wages Of fear, White Heat

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