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northern monkey
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Toshiba 2019 and RCE

Is there anyway to change these players onto specifically region 1 (I know you have the Pal or Auto option)? If not will they definitely play RCE discs if you play a R1 film before it?
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I don't think you can change it but you can still view an RCE disc on this player accessing the Title and Chapters directly.

When the map comes up press stop. Then press the button to bring up the Title and Chapter information.

T:00 C:00

Then it's just trial and error enterring numbers, Say T:01 maybe the main menu.

T:02 C:01. 2 being the next section on the disc, 1 being the opening credits etc...

Once you narrow down the Title number it's easier. Even though you can access the menus, if you select anything from them you'll get the map again.
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