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Mr Majestik
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I was reading that jay leno's chat show was moving to prime time and one of the shows features will be having the guests race round a track to see who's fastest.
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Does Jeremy have a obsession with Tom Cruise?

In the SIARPC segment for Jay Leno he teased about Cruise during the introduction, and on the repeat last night he did a similar thing for Harry Enfield!
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Top Gear is back on November 15th........in HIGH DEFINITION!

The BBC has announced that Top Gear will be available in high definition on BBC HD starting on November 15.

To date, the only episode of BBC Two's hit motoring entertainment show to be broadcast in HD was the July 2007 polar special.

In a post on the BBC Internet Blog, Nagler explained: "I can confirm that the team is now working with HD cameras on the new series.

"You've been very clear that this is a BBC programme that for you represents the best of what we do, and that you believe it is one of those series that can benefit most from HD. I agree with you, and I'm confident that the shift will ensure that the cars are glossier and faster than ever, and the presenters... well, probably will look even more like their reflections in the mirror but we'll all have to wait to judge."

Link to story
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Excellent. the polar special was some of the best HD the beeb have broadcasted.

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Absolutely wonderful news on the HD broadcast of Top Gear, and just in time too as I just finally got freesat hooked up, this will be a nice bonus.
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hairy arse
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Fantastic news, will have to start searching for a cheap Freesat box.
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The next series looks interesting
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This is gonna be another of those blink and you miss it 6 parters up to Xmas.
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Another 'accident' at Top Gear

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Originally Posted by Fatbloke View Post
See post #427!!!
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Bah - teach me to refresh the page before posting!
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James May, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, The Stig, Top Gear

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