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LG Smart TV privacy concerns

It turns out that LG Smart TVs are attempting to collect YOUR viewing information AND information on your own DATA: http://geeklife.thedigitalfix.com/co...-concerns.html
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Hmmm, interesting stuff - we have an LG Smart TV that's connected to our network and uses Plex media server, I'm not sure they'd find anything overly interesting on what we watch though!
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Thats quite an intrusion. How long before the smart models with webcams spy on us sitting there?
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I don't really care - my LG Smart TV sits tuned into HDMI 1 permanently. I've experimented with Plex but not fussed if it's reporting back that my better half is watching Greys Anatomy.
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My Samsung is probably doing the same. It asked me to agree to a load of stuff when I plugged it in
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I'm sure LG aren't the only ones guilty of this. Apparently cable boxes have been doing similar things for years.
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Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
I don't really care - my LG Smart TV sits tuned into HDMI 1 permanently. I've experimented with Plex but not fussed if it's reporting back that my better half is watching Greys Anatomy.
Just because you don't care doesn't make it any less repugnant that a TV manufacturer has taken it upon themselves to snoop on people without their permission, or even knowledge, does it?

The more people shrug their shoulders and promulgate this "nothing to hide" attitude, the more empowered everyone will be to snoop.

Obviously, this sort of stuff is just plain wrong, but if left unchecked it will get worse. Casual acceptance has already lead to endemic levels of unecessary snooping.

I would personally find it deeply disturbing that my TV was snooping on my viewing habits and reporting it back to LG central command without my giving it permission or even knowing about it.

The question arises as to why the facility is even built into the sets. Aside from the obvious, they want to spy on people, then flog the data to advertisers.

I don't connect any of my sets to the outside world, as I don;t trust the suppliers not to engage in this sort of thing. And to bury your giving permsission deep in the contract/T&C's where it won't be read.

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lolz - "midget porn" . Love how thats the universal mock porn file / folder name.
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Never owned a smart TV of any brand but if I did own an LG I'd make sure to plug in a USB stick containing a few files/folders with names that tell LG exactly what I think of them and their information gathering!
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