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wobbly Jelly
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wordsworth classics

Just got waylaid on Amazon and was looking at the massive list of Wordsworth Classics - I know they've been about for a while, but....

Nearly re-ordered Ulysses as only Ł1.99 as were the other's with one due next year, but did the boys own and ordered the Complete Richard Hannay

what are the 39...

Usual pile of Russian stuff and English classic, but must be other stuff in there - hence any recommendations?
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If you're into classics then do a search in Books for "Dover Thrift". Loads of absolute bargains to be had.
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Alan b
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This will help with the above:

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Guest 32525
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I like how they look like real books, rather than the Penguin equivalents which seem to have been designed to scream "I was too cheap to buy the proper Penguin Classics"

For foreign stuff they're really hit and miss though, due to the ancient out of copyright translations. I've found myself double dipping on a few occasions just to get an easier to follow modern translation.
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