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Born To Win (1971) Brutal film about drug addicts in NY starring George Segal and featuring a very young Robert De Niro.
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Godspell, while not about New York, uses New York locations to good effect, I think. I watched it last in early 2002 and at the end of the "All For the Best" production number felt as if I had been punched in the gut: it ends with a helicopter pull-back of the WTC.

-Jim (not intending to elicit comments such as "Ugh, I hate musicals" or "Ew, it's about religion.")
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Originally Posted by Daniel B
Across 110th Street, from 1972 with Anthony Quinn and Yaphet Kotto.
Great film. I'd put The Exterminator as well but i think that might be 1980.
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70's, Dog Day Afternoon, Marathon Man, Mean Streets, Midnight Cowboy, New york, Serpico, Taking of the Pelham 123, Taxi Driver, The French Connection, The Panic in Needle Park, The Warriors

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