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Apocalypse now Redux, R2

I bought this from Virgin the other day and after just checking on dvdcompare it says there should be a 16 page booklet and 3 lobby cards? i didn't get anything (apart from the disk). Was it only the original digipack release that had these or have I been gipped?

Many thanks.
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postcards were only with the digipack release.sold my standard dvd case verision for the digipack release far nicer.
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ian turner
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got a 16 page booklet with my non digipack version though how you'd prove to the shop that it was meant to have one considering theres no mention of it on the packaging i don't know and quite possibly it was only included in the initial production run
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Biggest let down of a DVD ever was Apoc now, one of my fave films ever so couldnt wait for the DVD release. They forgot to remaster the picture though so PQ was crap, oh how i cried
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