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I've had the Workprint for a while and I think everyone should see it at least once. No it isn't worth the 30 dollars because the quality is dubious to say the least. It is fascinating to see how out of all this footage that Coppola managed a coherent film (Bear in mind this was a workprint...there's even MORE footage from the film that was not included in this cut).

Yes Scott Glenn is the guy sent out before Willard and he features a lot more in this version, plus there's more Dennis Hopper, including his death scene.

The scene where Willard kills a child though is pretty unpleasent...In it, he's on his way to kill Kurtz (After emerging from the water) and a guard spots him, Sheen picks up a long spear and the soldier picks up a child, knowing that Sheen won't kill him. However, Sheen instead drives the spear through the both of them.

Reading Coppola's script, I believe there is a bookend scene of Sheen on a Yacht at some function, it's from there that he remembers his time in the War, but I can see why Coppola would get rid of it.

But oh, how I long for the John Milius version, whereby Kurtz is shooting down Army helicopters that have come for him with a huge machine gun, while shouting to Willard..."I can feel the power in my loins!"
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Originally Posted by Moya
I've got two places where I can get this on a DVD-R
One assumes that this is a pirate DVD then?

It's going to have to be closed.
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