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Now I know why there was so much common ground in Food Inc., the author of FFN is one of the producers!
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Good topic, had asked it myself in the book thread a couple of years ago (after reading Bryson's Short History) but hadn't got many replies.

Backroom Boys is not bad, a few different accounts of ingenious British inventions by beardy sandles types

A Game as Old as Empire - reading this atm, a real eye opener as to how the western world still holds rein over the rest of the planet and the nefarious methods they use.
Going places - now removed defunct DVDprofiler link from 2002! :D

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I Loved this book:

Science: A History 1543 - 2001

In this book, John Gribbin tells the story of the people who made science and the turbulent times they lived in. As well as famous figures such as Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein, there are also the obscure, the eccentric, even the mad. This diversecast includes, among others, Andreas Vesalius, landmark 16th-century anatomist and secret grave-robber; the flamboyant Galileo, accused of heresy for his ideas; the obsessive, competitive Newton, who wrote his rivals out of the history books; GregorMendel, the Moravian monk who founded modern genetics; and Louis Agassiz, so determined to prove the existence of ice ages that he marched his colleagues up a mountain to show them the evidence.

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