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Evil Dead - overrated ? / Evil dead II - a sequel ?

ok i watched my Elite edition last night, which is the first time i have seen Evil Dead 1.

ive seen EDII before when i bought the R2 DVD last year, i thought it was very entertaining.

now i went in to watch EDI thinking it was more hardcore horror than the second. By the end i felt a little underwhelmed.

technically, this film was quite impressive, the innovative camera angles, the make up and effects was really good for a low budget movie.

but storywise, hmm

ive read in a few reviews saying the start of the film is quite boring, well i thought it was the best bit, the buildup and all.

the end section seemed to drag a bit with killing all the deadites.

there was not enough of time spent on the book of the dead and the tape the old dude left behind. They should have played a bit more of the tape, EDII done it a lot better.

by the end of the film, it seemed i had totally forgotten about the book and it seemed to have no signficance
, ironic since the film was originally called The Book of the Dead.

i guess its one of those films which u watch as a kid and grow up with it. Much like Coming to America and I

ok, about EDII. The makers have always said EDII is a sequel and not a remake right ?

well it was strange to watch ED last night and see how many similarities there are with EDII

so 3/4 of EDII is just a recap of EDI ? and sequel bit is just the ending ? wierd.
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Like you I wasnt overly impressed with ED1, however I absolutely loved ED2, one of the funniest films I've ever seen.
I'm sure that ED2 is really a remake of ED1 whatever the producers of the film say, I think one of the major flaws of ED1 was the low budget effects, cameras etc. ED2 uses a bigger budget to much greater effect to remake the first film IMHO.
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The first 10 minutes or so are recapping what happened to Ash in the first film, but they couldn't get the rights to use footage from the first one for zome bizzare reason, so they re-shot it with just Ash and his girlfriend (this time played by a different actor) and they left out the bits with all his friends.

So unlike a lot of people seem to think, he doesn't actually take a new girlfriend back to the cabin and re-play the recording of the old man, the Sequel starts proper when The Camera rams through the shack, and Ash gets launched into the woods.

Gary A
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The Evil Dead overrated? No way! I can't see why anyone in the mood for an anything-goes low-budget horror flick would be unimpressed by this film. Evil Dead 2 is also a great film, but practically a comedy and avoids the over-the-top gore of the first (like, by keeping the chainsaw-arm contact just out of view!).
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I reckon that Evil Dead II was the better film, but I certainly wouldnt say the first one was overrated, the second one just went for laughs, all three films are great for different reasons, the first just gets mentioned so much because it was such a breath of fresh air.

I love en all!!!!!
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To point the finger at Evil Dead because it has less than a perfect plot seems rather odd.
I assume you knew what you were letting yourself in for ?. A relentless splatter flick full of laughs, shocks, and vommiting up the walls.

So in answer to your question is Evil Dead over rated ?.
No bloody way !.
I dont think its ever been praised for its deep meaningfull story or fleshed performance's by the actors.
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Listen to the ED2 commentary, they cover it in there:
"Do you really think Ash would be stupid enough to go BACK to the cabin!?!"

As GAmbrose said, the beginning recaps the foundation of ED and then goes on to further the story in a slightly different way - they had more money, more real actors etc but how boring would it have been to make a remake that would make your first film defunct? So there are similarities as they wanted to use the good bits again, but obviously they had loads of other, new ideas too so they worked them in.

I think ED2 is the better film, but I love watching ED especially after listening to Bruce's commentary and reading his book, it's such an acheivement!!
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I like the first film as a horror movie... it works for me. So I like it. But I actually think all three films are over-rated, in the sense that they are all given a kind of cult reverence. I just think they are fun movies, nothing more. I don't understand when people talk about them as if they are classic cinema.

Anyway. About 3 other people have answered the other thing, about whether ED2 is a sequel or a remake. But I'm going to answer it as well

The first 10 minutes or so of ED2 are a recap of what happened in ED1. But they couldn't get the rights to show material from ED1, and they couldn't get any of the original actors (besides Bruce Campbell) because the actors from ED1 were all students using false names anyway. So ED2 "remakes" the basic concept of the first film, except with only Ash and his girlfriend. You have to pretend that the other three characters didn't go to the cabin. The point where the ED1 remake ends and ED2 begins is the point where the camera rushes through the cabin and hits Ash, and Ash is sent flying through the woods, because this is the very moment where ED1 finishes.
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I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the UK to see EVIL DEAD in October, 1982 at a midnight screening at the SCALA,Kings Cross. The film we thought we were going to see was a preview of BASKET CASE, but this was pulled and replaced by Raimi's relatively unknown debut horror, tho' I had seen the VARIETY one-page spread with Stephen King championing the film a few months before.
There were only 6 of us in the cinema,plus the cinema's legendary cat, and it was the most nerve-racking, exhilirating 90 minute ride I have ever experienced. At the time I thought it was utterly brilliant, and I went on to tell Sam Raimi the following month at its London Film Festival screening.
The film will always have a special place in my heart - I suppose alot depends on where and when you see the film, what you know about it etc-.

For the record, I think EVIL DEAD II is awful; it diminishes the impact of the original and was only 'hammed' up because Raimi was fearful and upset at the backlash he received during the notorious video nasties campaign.

I like my horror to be ferocious and EVIL DEAD was just that!
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I don't know why some people see Evil dead as the ultimate **** take on horror nastiness to me it was incredibly scary more so than anything I had ever seen when i first watched it on video ... it was banned for years soon after I had seen it and it only came back in a heavily edited form in 1990 ... in my day as a teenager it was the most sought after film amongst all my friends who never got to see it before it was banned.
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Evil Dead is a great acheivement and it sends out the message that anyone can make a film if they are dedicated enough and talented enough of course.

It is the ultimate horror film in my opinion it has all the elements of ridiculousness and innocence that horror fims and the characters in them seem to have, with some genuinely chilling scenes and with the commentaries you actually grow to love it like the filmmakers did and every time you watch it you can imagine them in the room with you whincing at there slightly amaturish beginnings.

Not to mention the fact that it was made without any studio compromises it is something real special.

Evil Dead 2 is even better and creates an icon in ash that has spawned loads of toys and a nerdish fan like me can pretty much quote every line of the damn thing.

Bring on the fourth
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I can see the point that if you watch EDII first and then EDI later how you could come up with the idea that number one is over-rated. I saw The Evil Dead when it had a very limited cinema run at the age of 16 at my local ABC with my best school mate of the time. We were attending sixth form school so we thought we were really clever getting in to see an X certificate underage. Boy didn't we live to regret that one.

I can't remember much of the cinema experience but I do the after affects. Me and my friend Debbie suffered nightmares from it and I still cannot watch the film now, its the sound of it, really disturbs me. You just had to be there when it was first released, obviously an impressionable age (and state of mind.) It had a big affect on us both and I recently reunited with Debbie and I asked her if she still remembered the effect Evil Dead had on us, she did.

Regards EDII, I worked at the cinema when that was released and was very nervous about watching it but I sat watching after selling tickets for it and laughed my head off. I was about the only one laughing in an audience of mostly men, these sort of things stick in your mind (well my mind anyway)

Both are quality films but I still can't watch number one without it giving me nightmares!


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Watch it again and it will probably be less scary. It did terrify me (a bit) when I was younger, but on repeat viewings I think the absurdity and humour show more.
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My hubby did buy it on dvd recently and I saw it from a distance, i.e. sitting on the comp with the tv on in the background. It wasn't as scary but still gave me nightmares, I am very suseptable to zombie films too.
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I loved "Evil Dead" and found it terrifying, but was disappointed with "Evil Dead 2". Perhaps u have to be in the right frame of mind to watch that, but I find HK cinema handles the humour better like in Mr. Vampire.
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