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I was hoping that would get picked up by a UK broadcaster, but nothing yet.
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Originally Posted by BigH View Post
just started Weird City - new anthology show from Jordan Peele

Each of the episodes is set in the same city but with different story/cast

They're all a bit like a 'nice' Black Mirror episode - not brill, but perfectly OK
got round to watching these last night and enjoyed them for what they are. Nothing major, a fun bit of fluff I thought. Not sure why the reviews on IMDB are so bad, but that's the internet I guess.
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A couple more new shows for the pile:

Warrior is worth a look if you like your martial arts. Based on the writings of Bruce Lee (I'm told it was his initial pitch for Kung Fu before Warners went with David Carradine back in the 70s), it's about Chinese immigrants in San Francisco in the late 1800s & being a Cinemax show, it's full of swearing, blood & gratuitous nudity. Plus you get a fight every ten minutes, so there's no time to get bored. Hope they can keep the pace up...

Fans of Super Troopers might want to check out Tacoma FD, about a small-town fire department & their idiotic shenanigans. It's created by Kevin Heffernan & Steve Lemme from Broken Lizard & the humour is much the same as ST.

The pilot episode of Canadian cop drama Hudson & Rex about a cop & his canine partner was quite terrible. I can only assume the lead guy was a model before he was hired for this, as he (& the rest of the cast) is easily out-acted by the dog in every single scene. People who grew up in the early 80s might look at this as The Littlest Hobo Joins The Police. Skip it.
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