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The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

I have been looking forward to this for a while now.

Lost in the Dream was on constant repeat for me; an album on paper I would've easily overlooked.

A Deeper Understanding is cut pretty much from the same cloth. So arguably less fresh this time, and they released one too many 'singles' for me making it hard to listen to the album as a whole new playlist (unless you avoided the releases.)

Minor issues though when the music is this good.

The same dreamy evaporating music is present and should appease those who enjoyed Lost in the Dream.

Don't expect much in the way of growth though and you will probably be very happy with the 10 songs here.

Highlights? The 11 minute 'Thinking of a place' is hard to ignore and 'In Chains' has an exponential melody too.

To be honest there isn't really a pup here but the real test will be six months down the line to see if the play it safe approach gives it legs.

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Same for me. Discovered them with Lost in the Dream, which was definitely my 2014 album of the year, caught up with the older albums, saw them live in Brixton and have been eagerly awaiting this new one.

It's downright amazing, if probably slightly below the high bar set by LITD, but it could just come down to song preferences. Pain, Strangest Thing, Holding On, Thinking of a Place - all just incredible. This past boiling hot, sunny weekend was the perfect listening weather.
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And me! I've still got Lost in a Dream as the automatic starter when I turn my hifi on, and it's easily the most listened-to album I've had on near constantly since it came out.

New album is, as you say, definately more of the same, though so far I've not got the same hooks as with Ocean between the Waves, or the title track of the previous album. Still better than 90% of the music out there though!

Funny, since 2014 I think the most listened albums in my collection are Lost in the Dream and Shields from Grizzly Bear - and both released their follow ups within a couple of weeks of each other!
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Pretty much as everyone above, had a couple of full plays through on a long drive today, not as good as their last effort, but still damn good

Live performance from 1/9/17 - so damn good live

Holding On
Strangest Thing
You Don't Have To Go
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I doscovered them recently when Holding On came up next when I was watching something on YouTube. Then I heard Strangest Thing and was blown away.

Sounds like I should get the last album too?
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