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[DVD Video Review] Kind Hearts and Coronets

Comments attached to the DVD Video Review 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' on Movies @ The Digital Fix

Now back in cinemas, and available to buy on 5 September, a reissue of the masterly Ealing black comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets....

Click here to read!
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I'm thrilled that Optimum are doing something with the BECTU interviews. With something like 500 to date, often covering people on the lower rungs of the film-industry ladder (Douglas Slocombe would have been one of the celebrities), it's one of the great unsung works of British film historical scholarship - but until very recently they could only be listened to by appointment (and with prior written permission from BECTU) at places like the BFI Library.

I understand BECTU's caution to a certain extent - these are lengthy reminiscences by people who were encouraged to give a warts-and-all portrait of the industry, and so BECTU has been understandably concerned about inadvertent libel or other legal issues - but it's good that they're finally getting an airing.
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