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Good example for me is Faulty Towers 2 series I think 12 episodes and I thought they were all excellant.

Last of the summer Wine did finally end this year.

I agree with the Simpsons that should of ended about 10 years ago.
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Originally Posted by anephric View Post
S3 of Millennium, yep. S2 is brilliant. Marmite, admittedly. But brilliant.
Agree. Season 2 of Millenium is fantastic IMO. But I still hate Marmite.
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Prison Break.
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Originally Posted by dancleary1 View Post
Prison Break.

Season 1 aside - PB was the best comedy show on TV at the time - utter genius..

Originally Posted by fattyboombatty View Post
x-files by a long, long way.

hindsight is a wonderful thing but that show was just ***** by the end. it was an offence to the first 5 seasons. you cant judge it by today's standards, either

If anything after the introduction of Doggett you could argue it was cut down in it's prime..

S9 title sequence was utter bobbins, though..

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