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[Cinema Review] The Dark Knight Rises

Comments attached to the Cinema Review 'The Dark Knight Rises' on Film @ The Digital Fix

The Caped Crusader returns in the final part of Chris Nolan's trilogy....but does it rise, or fall??...

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Why are there so many great reviews of this movie - it was awful. Nolan's worst film to date - not even in the same league as BB or TDK.

It was too long, too slow and worse boring in large parts. There were two many new characters given too little to do and the film forgot about it's established characters - Gordon, Alfred, Lucius Fox...even bloody Batman! Terrible dialogue, with some very badly paced exposition.

In the few scenes Batman appeared none of the action was on a par with the other films.

The worst thing is Bane - what were they thinking? Between the self-important dialogue that drew sniggers from people around me in the cinema, you can barely understand anything he says. I'm sorry - but you can't very well create a sense of menace in a character when you have to say "pardon?" every time he speaks. And that voice! I couldn't decide if he sounded vaguely German or like Christopher Lloyd's character at the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit (apparently his voice is actually based on an Irish traveller from a 90's TV documentary). That's aside from the fact he had nothing actually interesting to say - clearly the result of a sub-par screenplay.

To cap it off there's a lot of plot but not a lot of story - Bane's plan doesn't make any real sense and his motivations (revealed through extraneous exposition) simply aren't believable - nor is the fact that they take place (as does a large section in the middle of the film) in a sub plot that is completely self-contained and separate from the main story.

I don't blame Tom Hardy for this - it's a fault of the sound design combined with Hans Zimmer's soundtrack (to be fair to Zimmer - TDKR soundtrack is first class) that is so intrusive in the film that it drowns out entire sections of dialogue.

Then there's those epilogues - if the studio didn't push for those, I'll eat my hat.
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If you want to argue black is blue, the forums have several sports threads. I suggest you start in the City thread.
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I'm rather drawn to grey myself. That's the colour that springs to mind after watching that movie.
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I wouldn't say it was either brilliant or terrible; just somewhere in between, like your average summer blockbuster. Plenty of faults - the sound design being the most obvious, but also the occasionally naff dialogue and Nolan's evident disinterest in the action scenes. But there's plenty to enjoy too; given the long running time, I don't recall being bored at all.
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I was bored. I saw it in IMAX, and by the halfway mark [the point where Wayne suddenly and inexplicably gets laid - that's the only way I can put it] I realised I hadn't been excited or interested by anything so far. This is a sorry comparison to TDK, which leapt from action set-piece to action set-piece, using them to demonstrate [i.e. show, not tell] what the film had to say.

I agree with Pulpaholic: this is Nolan's worst film, and I hope that with this he has gotten 'loud, big and expensive' out of his system for a while.
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No way is this Nolan's worst film. In fact, it's the best in the trilogy. I didn't care for Batman Begins at all, The Dark Knight was an improvement. However Nolan really ups the ante in The Dark Knight Rises and delivers an emotionally satisfying action epic to conclude the Batman saga

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I loved them all, great trilogy of films
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