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[DVD Video Review] Stiff Upper Lips

Comments attached to the DVD Video Review 'Stiff Upper Lips' on Film @ The Digital Fix

Alexander Larman has reviewed the Region 1 release of Stiff Upper Lips. An unappreciated comic delight is released on a DVD that hardly does the film justice, but is still the sole way to see it


Click here to read!

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You list the running time as 94 minutes, which is quite close to the UK theatrical running time of 95m 02s (BBFC website). However, my copy, bought in April 2006, has a running time of only 86m 51s (case says 87 minutes), which includes distributor IDs of 35s.

The BBFC lists the theatrical running time as 95m 02s, with 91m 24s for the video. I recorded last night's ITV broadcast - sadly, a partly-cropped 4:3 version - to try to work out who was right! After removing the adverts, and allowing for the short end credits, the ITV version had a running time of 91m 13s - quite close to the BBFC figure. (The difference may be due to Warner IDs on the video).

So, it looks like Miramax has chopped out at least 8 minutes (NTSC) for the USA release. One day, perhaps, I may compare the 2 side-by-side, to identify the bits the Yanks found unacceptable!

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