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eviscerate your memory
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Oh dear god. That final episode was abysmal...

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worn to perfection
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Thought the snow stuff was a great new visual & the frozen walkers were fun (bonus points for the Die Hard 2 icicle kill), but for a season finale it was quite limp.

Not too enamored with the Whisperers either this season. Alpha should have been shot in the head the moment she opened her mouth at Hilltop & spoke in that stupid accent. Daryl could have quite easily pushed her off that cliff too. Beta's quite cool though, I'll give them that.

As for last episode's pike scene,
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cliff homewood
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Yeah in 8 years they've never had a winter and now suddenly they do.

Seems they've not been able to afford to do it before.
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eviscerate your memory
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Was it ever explained as to why the different settlements had fallen out with each other ? If it mentioned this, I must have missed it. And why did they even bother with that idea ? Was it a reason to keep the different settlements and not merge them into one kingdom ?

Shame about the scars (branding) backstory - if this had been told properly in chrono order, it could have been almost as powerful as the infamous Glenn/Abraham/Negan scene. I guess they were too keen to introduce us to sassy shooter Judith, so had to fill in with flashbacks (when you know that Michonne and Daryl don't die).

Snow just looked cheapo to me, and getting lost was a really clumsy plot device. I don't mind that we've never seen it before (cos of budget) - whenever we visit the story, it can be not Winter (no biggie for me). More annoying is that you often see people in vests and coats (summer wear and winter wear) pretty much alongside each other.

It still annoys me that everyone looks so fat - they'd all be skinny as hell being virtually vegetarian, plus all that manual labour and walking around. And no one ever seem to be hungry (this annoys me in many things!). Isn't Daryls' face fatter too, recently ? And after all that time wandering, searching for signs of Rick ? (And why didn't Michonne tell Daryl she'd found Rick's gun?)

How does Negan get 2 eggs for breakfast ? Did they ever show a decent chicken coop ?

Samantha Morton is great, and Beta too (I even liked that Daryl fight). When the team were out looking for the Whispers, why did they split up into small sub-groups at night, looking for vicious killers ?? And when caught , Alpha would not have let the sub-group free like they did - would have made more sense for them to narrowly escape.
And I'm not sure the whole Whisperers thing works for me either - again, they're all too fat to be just scavenging off stuff. And the speed at which they travel, shuffling along, they somehow emigrated down South to avoid the snow ??

The radio was a poor end to a poor episode - haven't we had that exact ending before ? And anyway, when there are helicopters about ... ?! (That never get talked about!)
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I wonder if ’Have a Nice Day’ smiley t-shirt sales have shot up.
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