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Originally Posted by AndyWilson View Post
"That was a really exciting episode of The Beachcombers!"

...said absolutely nobody in the 70s!
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Nobody's mentioned Dr Who!!! The original series' with William Hartnell was some of the scariest stuff I'd ever seen. Sadly lost its way eventually after a few new doctors, certainly with the new ones.

I go back to Andy Pandy, Bill & Ben and the really early stuff - when TV shut down at 5:30 so mum could put the kids to bed.

I bought a VHS (remember them) of the old ones I used to watch and my own children quite enjoyed them except youngest daughter less so as she didn't like anything in B&W. Oh how times change.

My kids were into stuff like Postman Pat and Button Moon (we went and watched a stage show of that and it was really very good!). Later on US stuff like Goosebumps and Sabrina the Teenage Witch were firm favourites with them.
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Originally Posted by brainwaster View Post
Sammy's Super T-Shirt

I remember a cartoon which I think may have been french in origin about people living inside your body and doing stuff, does anyone else remember that ? Used to love Sport Billy too!
that was "Once upon a time...man" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time..._Man

but they did a pile of them about different subjects

Life / Man / Space / the Americas / The Discoverers / The Explorers
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Chorlton and The Wheelies
No 73 on Saturday Mornings

But who remembers Rolf's Cartoon Time then Cartoon Club

Upgraded version became Tony Robinson's Stay Tooned
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eviscerate your memory
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Anyone else remember BBC's The Changes (a fan page) from way back in 1975 ? I can still remember bits, and how atmospheric it was.

All electric gadgets started emitting weird noises, driving people to smash them up. And the pylons ... !

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