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Mark E Smith RIP

Its been nearly forty years since I heard the first album from The Fall....I admit my love of them occasionally bordered upon obsession....I'll miss him now the work seems to have reached cessation.

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A huge loss to music and a true role model to us Grumpy Middle Aged Men

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Loved the Fall. Big shame
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Strangely for what most of us would consider a grumpy, God like genius, seems to have more good press than he'd had in years, comparable to a 'big name' so to speak - if it encourages more to listen to The Fall, that's a good thing, will just mean none of those just finding will never get to 'check the guys rock record' live.
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I think that's partly because he still gave good press - and the absence of modern artists with similar entertainment value.

There's a good Pitchfork article that's one of the few that does more than coyly acknowledge he was 'complicated'. I imagine if Morrissey fell down tomorrow, he'd get a rougher time despite - on paper - appearing to be a better human being.

I'm also reminded of one of the Sean Hughes articles - how we applaud drinkers into the grave. It's just very sad.
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