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Starting out in game development ...

Hi all,

Thinking about the above ( not as a career in itself but as a way of adding more strings to my bow )

It seems there are a couple of main options; Unity or Phaser. I think I understand the pros and cons of each [ Unity is mulit-platform, multi game type, Phaser is just 2D mobile browser ] but does anyone have any experience in both ?

I am tempted to go down the Unity route ( steeper learning curve and all ) as the code is written in C# which I need to start learning / writing for work anyway.

My main concern with it, though, is that I am not very good at what we back-end coders, at work, call the "colouring in" part - sprite creation, the artistic bits, etc. Is there a wealth of open source i.e free assets available ? Or do they come at a price ? Also do most of the useful Unity packs ( like 2d movement, 2d shooting ) come free or do they have to be paid for ?

TIA for any help
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I’ve been dabbling in game dev for a few years now using Unity and have never had to pay for thing. Lots of free assets out there and lots of free tutorials. I rarely hit a problem where Google can’t help.

I only do it as a hobby for a few hours a week and rarely finish anything as I can’t be bothered with the polish and I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body, but I like the logic/programming side of things.
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