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eFootball PES 2020

Anybody else picked this up? I got my PS4 Copy early and have really enjoyed the revamped Master League mode. Servers are now online but Team Updates for new season won't happen until Thursday. Really enjoying the gameplay as not clunky like previous entries but still has lots of physicality to player movement. Only bug bear is sometimes your team AI refuse to engage with the ball and stare at it until the opposition grab it. Some of the Offside calls are utterly baffling as well. Third Party Option Files are out for both the PS4 and PC versions bring correct team names, kits and sponsors for unlicensed leagues and teams.

Worth trying the demo if your unsure.
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Some clever sods tweaked the dt18 file on the PC version to change and fix the gameplay in PES 2019 so hopefully they'll do it again and get rid of some of the interesting "quirks" of PES 2020
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