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Free online book writing software


Might be of interest to some people on here. Looks quite neat, and is free to use.

Saves the data to your Google drive and for getting some initial ideas down, the snowflake tool looks interesting.

Just did a test and it auto saves to Google

{"writer":{"C1544392324622622":{"title":"Test Novel","bodytext":"this is a test to make sure that it saves to my Google account","cards":{**,"active":1,"position":0****,"settings":{"theme":"default"****

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Thanks for posting - looks interesting.

My initial reaction to this type of stuff (that probably says more about me than the software) is that I'd be worried that somebody, somewhere would be harvesting all my words for nefarious purposes! I'm sure that's not the case.

I'm a bit old school - I like to plan/track my work using a combination of Excel and notepad, and then write in Word.
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Looks good - thanks!
I tend to use Scrivener but alternatives are always good to look at.
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