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Culling your gaming shelf

Over the past few months I've been sending a few games off by way of eBay. Games that just wouldn't get to the table any time soon.

Feels quite cathartic getting a bit of shelf space back, a little bit into the Paypal balance, and helps with justifying any new arrivals.

This year, I've offloaded;

-Caylus - I enjoyed it, but it has aged as a worker placement game in my view. Just wouldn't make it back to the table with my family / gaming group. Got about Ł20 for it.

-Lord of the Rings - Card Game - Played a few times, but they style didn't click with me and my son - got around Ł25 which included an expansion.

-Luchador - kickstarter edition - there was probably a fun game in there somewhere, but I couldn't see it - played once and wasn't going to make it to the table - only lost a fiver on it I think.

Have you culled any notable games recently? Any borderline ones that would be suitable for a trade rather than the trials / tribulations of selling on ebay?
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I need to this. Far too many games that haven’t been played, and probably won’t be!
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