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[Cinema Review] Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Comments attached to the Cinema Review 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' on Cinema @ The Digital Fix

Your mission, should you choose to accept it......

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Not hard to be better than 2 and 3 but better than the first film? I find that hard to believe although I will probably go and see it anyway.
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Only a De Palma sycophant could hold the first film in any kind of regard, oh wait a minute...


1&2 = different but equally awful, 3 = a solid, above average blockbuster.
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I hated 3 and thought that JJ Abrams's direction (incessant closeups) killed it. On the evidence of Star Trek (didn't see Super 8) he's getting better. Philip Seymour Hoffman was the best thing in MI3.

I'm particularly interested in seeing this new one for two reasons. Firstly, Brad Bird has directed three excellent animated features so I'm curious to see what he can do with live action. Secondly, the film has (like The Dark Knight) had key sequences shot in IMAX, so me being the large-format junkie that I am, I've booked to see it at the BFI IMAX on New Year's Day.
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You won't be disappointed with the IMAX scenes. Burj Khalifa sequence is astonishing.
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