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Swansea playing good football as expected. Talk of a hatful of goals against them just doesn't take into account that they are a very good team.
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No surprises there. Can still win this though
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Nice result.

Disappointed with Modric contribution again today.

Lennon didn't have to be on long to make a telling contribution.

Ade barely had to do anything other than get off the ground for his two goals, which shows we still have some quality in crossing.

Defoe must be getting pretty sick of Harrys unwillingness to give him any time on the park.
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Guest 49794
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Very relieved at that result particularly as the gooners slipped up this weekend too - hopefully this is the way things will continue for the rest of the season and we can make 3rd our own again.
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Bale MOTM easily for me. Kaboul saved our bacon a few times though. Mods did well for the first goal but he's been underperforming for ages now. Good to see Lennon back.
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Alan b
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Continued here:

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