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[Blu-Ray Review] O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Comments attached to the Blu-Ray Review 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' on Home Cinema @ The Digital Fix

A favorite from the brothers Coen comes to Blu-ray as clydefro revisits the Soggy Bottom Boys and their Homeric journey...

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Great review clyde, couldn't agree more with it. I'm for one glad they went with the convenient happy ending as really this film is just a silly celebration of the delta in the dust-bowl era, and the lyrical and linguistic charms of the deep south and southern Appalachia. You can't end a celebration (especially a lyrical one) on a bum note! :-D

BTW it might be worth mentioning here that there's been some debate over the difference in colour timing between this new Blu-ray and the original US/UK DVDs (with the US/UK discs having a more "drained" sepia look), but Deakins himself has confirmed that he felt the original video masters were somewhat "monochromatic" and he supervised this new transfer himself. So it seems we can be confident that this is the best, and truest, release yet.

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