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RIP Smokin' Joe Frazier :-(

After a full life of ups and downs (just watch the Thrilla in Manilla, the documentary and the fight to see that), one of the boxing greats passes away.

A nice little peice on the BBC

RIP Smokin' Joe
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RIP. I have Thrilla in Manila on DVD and love watching it. Oddly, I always thought that Frazier's post-career health seemed so much better than Ali's and expected the former to outlive the latter.
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RIP Smokin' Joe

They just don't make boxers like him anymore.
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Bloody shame ... Some classic fights
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My son's 14, knows the guys history inside out and Joe is the reason he took up and has been boxing for the last 3 years (along with some wonderful tales & stories from both my Dad & GrandDad ).

RIP Mr Frazier and thank you for the part you've played in making my son the fantastic lad he's turning out to be.
My feedback:)
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RIP Smokin' Joe

You will be missed.
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Another from the Golden age of boxing appearing in the big ring in the sky.
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Hello meatball
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Gutted when I heard, my favourite boxer ever
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sad news indeed


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Great article from 6 years ago...

Earlier this year, speaking of Ali's current physical condition, Frazier said with satisfaction: 'I did that to him. I'll outlive him.'


Looks like his prediction didn't materialise.
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Frazier really was one of the true legends of the squared circle. R.I.P.
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