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Question Xbox Live router problems

Hi All,

I was at my mates yesterday, trying to help him set-up a newly bought wireless/wired router. We followed the instructions, and after a short while the main PC (wired) was on the net, then we tried his laptop (wireless) and that connected ok too... However when we came to trying xbox live (wired) it wouldn't work! We tried lots of different things and ended up with these messages on the xbox live screen after several attempts: something to do with NAT settings??? / UPnP?? / Static IP address? / DNS things?? - Sorry to be a little vague but I'm not really a technical bod. Anyway, we tried giving a static ip address on the routers web page and that didn't help, we also tried setting these on the xbox too. Trouble is we just don't know what we're doing!

The router is a Tenda W306R from Ebuyer. It is connected to a virgin cable modem. We want a wired connection to the PC and the Xbox and make use of wireless for the laptop. I hope that's enough info (probably not) but any help/advice would be very much appreciated, thanks!
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Would be better in the console forum?
Have a look on www.xboxlivetheguide.co.uk - might be some help on there
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He's in there too

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