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Silly Question? - Does a colour laser use colour when printing Black?

Was browsing the shops today and in staples I saw a very small neat colour laser by Samsung for only £99

Was a smart glossy black unit (for some strange reason I can't find it on-line anywhere?)

Said it was the cheapest (and fast also) Laser, and also brand new model.

Seeing as a cheap B/W model is around the £45 / £50 mark.

I thought, hey why not get colour then.

(I have a colour Inkjet) and to be honest, don't need colour much at all, but it's good to have.

Alongside this printer were the toner carts, priced at £30 for each colour. And I assume (I'm guessing here) that the printer does come with some "Sample" amount of toner.

I was wondering if it's worth the trouble of all this.

If I had a colour laser (this new £99 Samsung) and only printed in black for 99.99% of the time, then would the colour carts last for years as I'm not using them?

Or (like an inkjet) during warm up is come colour toner used?

I'm thinking it's safer to just get a black/white laser and forget colour.

Just at £99 it's getting tempting.
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Cut and paste from ebay

Using a Color laser printer to print mostly black
Most people who buy a color laser printer use it to print mostly black pages. a color laser printer was not made to print only black, one of the reason is that all 4 color cartridge share one drum, when you print only black the other cartridge continue to turn whether toner is applied to the page or not causing an accelerated drum wear when little or no toner due to lack of drum lubricant provided in the toner itself.
so it is very important to know when buying a color laser printer is not to print mostly black pages. it worth getting a small laser printer to print only black and when ever you have color you send it to the color laser printer.

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Thanks for that.

That's made the choice easy. A cheap black laser it is then
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