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Old 25-12-2007, 20:54   #101
Guest 15301
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RTD needs to realise that less is more sometimes. I was quite enjoying it until the last 10 minutes or so then we had the usual everything including the kitchen sink...
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Ha... I forgot what this forum is like for Doctor Who: everyone raves and gets excited waiting for a new episode, then complains that it was rubbish!

I thought it was alright. Kylie's character was so brief and pointless, and the over-dramatic "importance" of her character was caused by press hype alone. It was a bit too long. Plus the usual loud music, sonicscrewdrivergayreferenceRTDsucksblahblah.

But I liked the rubbish wrong things the historian thought about Earth. If only it had been a genuine statement about how history is remembered, and not a conman. I liked how London is evacuated at Christmas because the population expects aliens. And I liked the bit where he walks up to the camera going, "I'm the Doctor, a Time Lord from Gallifrey..." that almost gave me a semi.

But anyway. There we go.

Season 4 trailer full of Catherine Tate being shouty.
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Originally Posted by jonathan.e View Post
Comedy standout in the next season trailer - Tate running like a fat bird chasing the last night bus after a skinful and a large doner.

And was it me or did she work some of her sketch material into one of the scenes????

The scene with the Ood, when he calls her Miss. Her reply sounded like something out of her comedy show. "Why did you say Miss? Do I look single to you?" The tone of voice and pace at which she said it was just like her "Does the face look bothered to you?" character. Bleughhhhh....

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sorry but I did say....

Originally Posted by Spooky_uk View Post
cack-tastic. you just know its gonna be the same level as the previous 2 xmas specials. don't we?
well some of us does did (wishing we may be wrong but alas...) and the season 4 trailer looked oh dear
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It was ok.

Liked the nods to the old Who. Didn't like the caricature characters who won the trip. I also don't like the "jobs for the boys" with "balaclava". The bad guy was pure panto and strigh out of paradise towers.

Worst bit though was the queen's two scenes. That was utterly pathetic, and shows a lack of restraint.

Tennant is improving and some of the supporting actors were good.

Though I'd like to know how the midshipman went from death's door, to ok, to struggling, to happy as larry over the course of the episode
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Guest 2144
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Originally Posted by jonathan.e View Post
So, no need to hold out next season for a poorly assembled mash-up of Robots of Death, Poseidon Adventure
I'd missed the Aliens 3 bit, but instantly recognised the homage to Robots of Death and the obvious nod of the head to Poseidon Adventure. No, wait, sorry, did I say homage, I meant really bad, terrible, rip off. To think I stopped watching something half way through that was good for this crap. They get worst every year and I'm normally someone who tries to defend the show. The final episode of season 3 and this turd are moving it fast from must watch to tape and watch when nothing else is one and if it continues to not watch at all.
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At least we can be thankful there's no Torchwood Special. Well actually there's 5 of them but I digest.
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Darkavenger can't make it, but he's emailed me his review.

"It's true that it didn't seem very good at first, but I've watched it 11 times now and now it's really good!"
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Information: for a christmas special it was OK.

New series trailer looked good.
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Old 25-12-2007, 21:47   #110
It was collateral damage
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For an average episode, it was passable. For a Christmas special, it was dire. And I'm one of the few (it seems) that really enjoyed "bad Who" like the TV movie and The Christmas Invasion.

Still, I'm sure there's another 30 pages of mileage that can be dragged from this thread before it gets locked. Merry Christmas, one and all - here's hoping Extras can redeem the schedule of the terrestrial channels.
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Originally Posted by andybhoy View Post
It was ok.
Worst bit though was the queen's two scenes. That was utterly pathetic, and shows a lack of restraint.
The whole thing showed a lack of restraint for me, tried too hard to push the emotional/Christmas/Doctor is great etc. buttons.
Regardless i will be watching the series, through the wonders of Sky+ with the ability to fast forward
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Originally Posted by sparkyrob View Post
here's hoping Extras can redeem the schedule of the terrestrial channels.
You won't be disappointed.
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Once again the biggest let down for me was Murray Golds awful music. I can put up with bad cheesy dialogue, but the awful music really murders the atmosphere of scenes.
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Guest 15301
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Loved the doff of the cap Max Headroom though...
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Guest 24882
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Will no one else mention the fat person suicide on Christmas Day moment??
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Jon B
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Originally Posted by jonathan.e View Post

thanks to RTD for the porno French Maid outfit he persuaded Kylie to wear.
Amen to that
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Truly Awful episode once again. Not one ounce of originality, every scene was ripped off from something else, but done ohhh so much worse. And what was going on with the Titanic exterior FX? ... For every one decent shot, there was a dozen that looked like it was created in the Blue Peter studio.

....and don't get me started with the S4 trailer. Sweeet Baby Jeezus! ... every scene with Tate made me wince. So bad in fact, the S2 Torchwood trailer looked better!
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Alan b
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I thought it was OK and passed an hour or so, the ending had to be one of the longest ever in Doctor Who history, just when you thought it was finished another scene comes along.

The trailer for the next series doesn't fill me with confidence...
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What The **** Have They Done To The Theme Tune?

(PS - That was typed in capitals on purpose to indicate me shouting, but the forum anti caps-lock fiend software kicked in).

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cliff homewood
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First I knew we were in trouble was the reason london was totally evacuated, only two years of xmas specials and only the queen left? How cheap and tacky and unrealistic is that reasoning. Typical RTD

The whole thing suffered form RTD reasoning (what I call bill and ted reasoning now thanks to their ability to 'wish' thinghs up using a time machine, RTD does the same childish technique with his scripts): What if Kylie threw him off the edge using a forklift, Voila! One forklift standing there waiting to be used. (For those who don't like this RTD bashing, decent scriptwriting in my book uses the Chekov method which says if there's going to be a smoking gun in the final act you should see it on a table in the first. A simple season early on with a forklift would have set it up and removed his fairy godmother feel of scriptwriting)

One question as I had interruptions was it explained how they didn't have enoguh power to rematerialise Kylie but then 5 minutes later they had enough to dematerialise the Doctor and another and rematerialise them on Earth? (This could have been solved by the TARDIS not when lost being attracted to the largest gravity field (where did that come from, did he just invent that) but relocating near the Doctor, as established in two classic WHo stories I believe. Then the Doctor can just take him down to the planet at the end so he gets his history straight. End scene as previously (by the way how obvious was that set?) Voila!)

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