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Broken PC-Help!

Hi Guys,

My main PC has just broke, basically nothing appears on the TFT, none of the disc drives will open and a red light stays lit on the front of the tower unit.

When opening the tower up, I can see the green light is on on the motherboard, and all the fans are working. All cables appear to be connected.

Anyone got any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks for any advice.
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ian turner
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probably your psu has died or at least one of the rails has hence some stuff still being powered.
Does it bleep on powerup ?
Try making sure all the plugs are firmly connected and reseat the graphics card and ram.
If that doesn't work then try unplugging the drive cables and power connections.
Then remove the graphics card if still dead.
Then remove the ram.
If theres still no joy then its either the PSU or motherboard with odds on the PSU (can also check the capacitors (thick cylinders) on the motherboard to makesure they all have flat non bulging tops on the off chance).
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Would help greatly if you post some details on the last thing you did on it or changes you made.

Were you doing any overclocking? The reason I ask is because I was doing some overclocking and something like that happened to my computer. I thought I had bricked my motherboard even though I had tried to reset the CMOS it still wouldn't work. Then I got advice from someone on the Abit forums who suggested that I should leave the reset jumper on the CMOS for a good 2mins and then try it - worked first time for me. Give it a go, it may do the trick.
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