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Hooper (Burt Reynolds) - any chance of a decent release?

Any love for this Burt classic?

The R1 edition was one of Warner's early 'budget' titles & was released full frame/pan & scam.

I see there's a German release on Amazon.de (classy cover art guys!), which was released last year & appears to be anamorphic from the specs. Not quite sure about the title though - according to babelfish, it translates to "Around Head & Collar"

Is there any hope for a widescreen release in the UK, or a re-issue in the US?

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The art on that German release is fantastic.

I've seen, but don't own, the P&S one and its pretty shoddy for such a *good* film. I'd imagine it would be ripe for rerelease. I saw it in the cinema
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I love this movie, especially the great Brian Keith and Robert Klein's wicked send-up of Peter Bogdanovich. First saw it in a double bill with Walter Hill's splendid Driver. I'd certainly pick up a decent DVD release.
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Loved this as a kid. Awesome movie. It's out in the US on a crappy pan and scan. Lovefilm recon its coming out, but i cant get any more information. Would accept a bugdet release as long as it in the proper ratio
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Would certainly but this, one of the many Burt jems.
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'Stroker Ace' is another all time classic only available on a nasty full screen dvd.
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Brian Keith, Burt Reynolds, Hal Needham, Hank Moonjean, Hooper, James Best, Jan-Michael Vincent, Robert Klein, Sally Field

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