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I've been trying to determine what the best quality dvd release of Alphaville is. I've searched the forums for Alphaville and Godard and found a little info but nothing concrete (was suprised not to find a thread just for this film actually). The UK Warner set that contained this film is not available anymore is it, what was that transfer like? Is the now quite old Criterion worth a purchase? (I know it's picky but I really don't like those older style Criterion subtitles, they are not very readable)! At this point would I be best to wait for the Optimum Godard set in March?
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Well there's a fairly pointless Criterion vs Korean comparison here -


especially when you consider the Korean disc is probably a direct port of the Criterion anyway.

I believe the Warners set has ingrained subtitles (I could check for you if it's a dealbreaker) I don't recall the transfer being too bad, probably on a par with the Criterion, from memory.

If you can wait until March then I'd hold out for the Optimum set and then ask around on the Forums for impressions on the transfer from those that have purchased it.

Optimum sometimes remaster and sometimes use the existing Canal masters, but as the set is a very reasonable £30 for 7 films, it might be worthwhile if you were interested in some of the other titles.

You're right by the way, this film should have its own thread, and now it has!
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Thanks, Person A.
Don't worry about checking the Warner disc (as I can't get it anyway) but thanks for the offer.
I will probably wait for the set as there are a couple of films that appeal. If they re-use the Warner/Canal transfer and it has fixed subs, well so be it as there isn't much choice really!
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