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Question THE FROG (BBC 1958) Rudolph Cartier adaption of Edgar Wallace story

I wonder if after the release of the excellent QUATERMASS Set we are likely to see further vintage TV dramas by the great Rudolph Cartier on DVD. The one which would be most interesting and fascinating to me is THE FROG - an adaption of Edgar Wallace' famous book THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE FROG Cartier produced for the BBC in 1958 starring Donald Sinden loaned from Rank:


A complete 35mm telerecording of the play exists at the NFA but at the moment no film elements seem to be "physically" stored at the BBC vaults - does anybody know why ? Has anybody seen this play or has it ever been shown anywhere since its original first run in 1958 ? It's quite fascinating that Cartier produced the story for British TV just a year before Harald Reinl created his classic adaption for the silverscreen and initiated Edgar Wallace as the most succesful and long living series of crime movies in postwar Germany ever. (BTW the German DVD Amazon.de has an English language dub from the period as well as English subtitles).

Which other of the 50s TV work of Rudolph Cartier is known to survive ? E.g. IT IS MIDNIGHT, DR. SCHWEITZER starring André Morell and Greta Gynt (1953)


is said to be the oldest surviving British television drama but I wonder if it ever has been seen in later years by the public ?

These two BBC TV dramas would make great DVDs. Are there any others which come to your mind ? Is there any chance the fully restored 1954 Cartier-Cushing BBC NINETEEN-EIGHTY-FOUR will finally see its light on DVD after it was withdrawn years ago ?

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