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Question [Cricket] England captaincy?

Although Vaughan is officially still the captain, he definitely won't make the Ashes and Flintoff has done well when originally named as stand in captain. However, Strauss has come in and proved to be a pretty good skipper too, so given that we have two good options, who should get the job for the Ashes?

Personally, I think Strauss should have got the call ahead of Flintoff anyway. IMO it is more of a workload issue and Flintoff should just be allowed to get on with being a worldclass allrounder, he will always have a major influence whether he is captain or not. At a time when there is debate as to whether we should employ a four or five man bowling attack, why should the selectors appear to favour using an extra bowler, partly to ease Flintoff's burden, only to give him the extra work involved in the captaincy Strauss mentioned during the Headingley Test that it was harder work captaining the side for a day in the field than batting for a day!

Strauss also has more experience of captaincy at county level and it could be argued that of the two only he has won a series as captain
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Andrew Strauss. While loyalty to Michael Vaughan is commendable, the captaincy shouldn't be open-ended any longer. Even if he is fit for the one-day series in Australia, or the World Cup, he should come back into the side as a batsman, and be allowed to make his way back into the team gently.

As for Flintoff - his workload is huge anyway, and he is going to be under immense pressure just to get fit for the Ashes. What happens if the squad is announced, Flintoff goes off to play state cricket in Australia, and suffers a similar fate to that of Vaughan last winter? That would result in Strauss being named England captain just a few weeks before an Ashes series. Madness - the Australian's would love that...England losing their best player, and a "part-time" captain in charge.

Due to the uncertainty over whether Vaughan will ever play cricket again, let alone for England, and whether Flintoff will be fit for the winter, the selectors should opt for some kind of continuity and go with the man currently in charge....and hope he doesn't get injured as well! If Flintoff gets fit on time for November 23, great - but he goes into the team as player only, under Strauss's leadership.
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If Vaughan gets back to playing again, it will be interesting to see if he goes straight back into the side. I don't doubt he's the best man to captain the side, but he'd have to prove his batting was up to scratch before getting selected.
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I would give it to Strauss as well because he will have more experience of it by the time the Ashes series comes around and as you guys have already said Freddie has enough on his plate as it is.

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I'll just echo previous posts, Strauss is definately the man for the job.
I think it was a mistake to ask Freddie in the first place, he already has enough on his plate.
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