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The Weinstein's New Asian DVD Label Announced.

From Variety via Twitch

Originally Posted by Variety.com
The Weinstein Co. is launching Dragon Dynasty, an upscale DVD label that will become home to its burgeoning collection of Asian action titles.

Quentin Tarantino is working with the Weinsteins to develop the new brand.

Venture will be headed by Brian White, former label manager at Contender Entertainment's Hong Kong Legends division. Distribution in North America will use structures pioneered by TWC's Genius Products DVD brand. Some titles will have theatrical distribution via TWC.

Label will specialize in martial arts and action titles. TWC Sunday inked a 43-title deal with Fortune Star, a Hong Kong-based News Corp. offshoot that controls a 400-title library of pictures featuring Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh.

Earlier this week, TWC also acquired six titles from another HK seller, Mei Ah Entertainment. Pics so far to be slated under Dragon include "Ong Bak 2," "The Protector" (aka "Tom Yum Goong"), "Born to Fight," "SPL," "Seven Swords" and "Dragon Squad."

TWC also has in its stable another 50 pics from the classic Shaw Bros. library: Highlights include John Woo's "The Killer," "Hardboiled," "Bullet in the Head" and "A Better Tomorrow."

Hmmm... Not sure what to make of this, whether to be hopeful or not... One the one hand you have the scissor-happy Weinstein Bros. and on the other Brian White working alongside Bey Logan. They look to have a good library, hopefully this will lead to good, complete and untouched releases.
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erm its not april the 1st !!!!!
Have they retained the services of the Wu Tang Clan as musical advisors ?
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