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Ddos attack....anyone work for an ISP ?

I am suffering with a ddos attack on my dns server. Firewall is blocking the requests and it's not putting a huge load on my network. Been in touch with the ISP who have not really helped in getting it sorted.
Contacted some of the @abuse associated with repeated ips on the logs.

What can ISP's do to prevent it from this kind of thing happening ?
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they should be able to contact the offending users ISP and get their service dropped for a while or they can black hole the source IP.
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do you know how hard it is to trace ddos attacks! very!!!, one of the most obvious reasons is becuase of the simplicity of changing a source address of the packet header so a trace cannot be done simply, if its a slave making the request then the offender user probably wont even know and that would only contacting each user individually that may take some time.
The ISP's cant really do anything about this at the moment. just hope it goes away.
Thats all i can say, sorry if it aint much use to you.
i think solution will arrive with the ip verson 6, (currently we use v4) but that wont be around for a while yet.
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Your ISP if they are any good should be able to throttle the attack by packet type on the router upstream from you. Even better they should have a ddos mitigation system deloyed to blackhole the attack.
Dave H

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