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*awesome* the best news yet for game adaption movie fans

Uwe boll has stated he will not do anymore, yay that means he wont be destroying far cry after all then?

the article: http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=62906

im a very happy man
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Guest 26778
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It actually says IN the article that he may give up after Far Cry. Reads like a bit of a PR thing really, not sure it means much at all. The reason the man gets "****" in the videogame press is because he is an absolute prick of a man, with about as much directing ability as a coma patient.
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Guest 3125
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I actually want him to keep churning out the incredible awfulness that are his films.

They make me laugh a hell of a lot more than any of Steve Martins most recent flicks!
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THis was reported already in the Ewe Boll thread.
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Alan b
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Originally Posted by thescrounger
THis was reported already in the Ewe Boll thread.

Closing Duplicate Thread
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