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PSP Care - Case, Screen Protector etc

Hi ,

Just bought a new PSP and keen to keep it in the best of condition. Anyone know of any good priced packages that include Screen Protector, Car Charger, Case etc etc
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Best case I've found is the Logitec Playgear Pocket. It's especially good because you can play the PSP while it's still in the case, and it's actually more comfortable to do so because the psp fits better in your hands.

You can also 'skin' it by printing off artwork and putting it in between the transparent outer case and the inner rubber lining.
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There are some nice kits on ebay

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The Logitech Playgear is the dogs genitalia. Most of the ones sold on eBay are fakes though - Amazon Amazon recently did it for £12.99 but it's gone back up to £14.99
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