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Golf clubs for beginner

There have been a few older threads but I thought I would start my own.

I am a beginner just taking up golf. I have spent a little time on the driving range and per my previous golfing time I still have a bit of a slice but fairly decent distance. I like hitting with hybrids off the grass (mat) and Tee.

I am looking for a beginners set of clubs that will be fairly forgiving and help accuracy. I will try to go see a pro for assistance, but wondered if anyone here had any thoughts on something like these clubs (note: I am in the US) :



They seem to get good reviews for beginners. The graphite shafts are supposed to give a little more control with the stiffness these are set to. Seems like a decent set to start with, just need to add a driver and putter and maybe a sand wedge.
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